Marketing Mastermind

Bring a heart centered experience to your marketing

Who is it for?

It is for leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs and mothers with passion, looking to bring a more heart centered experience to their marketing, business, home life and clientele.   Individuals wanting win-win collaborations, consistent support, training that is focused on authentic and effective development practices and accountability with partnerships.

If you are already a Quickening coach or in the Quickening Coaches certification course this Marketing Mastermind is a fabulous companion to building your clientele and authentic voice in your respective arenas.

What is it?

The Marketing Mastermind is a group for unique coaches, leaders, entreprenuers, that are dedicated to their passions and influences out in the world. The group is designed to help the member navigate the marketing waters with a heart lead perception. It uses the collective intelligence, inspiration, and heart of others. This is where heart meets business.

This Mastermind is a 2 hour weekly meeting that includes heart seats, training’s from out of the box creatives and experts, partnership for accountability, marketing clarity sheets, income growth sheets and opportunities to teach leadership principles with your twist and passion. The Mastermind brings clarity for marketing strategies as well as greater organization, original ideas, motivation to stay focused, getting the results and clients that make work exciting and fun.

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