love notes

This course will help conflict but our internal conflict. Having a language of values supports that inner conflict. ~ Beth

This course allows you to support your clients to connect to a Higher power. To look in and connect to something greater than our own focuses. It will help them see what they have and to easily step into greater gratitude. ~ Cynthia

We realize through the course what we really value. We start creating results we didnt even know we were wanting consciously. This course allows us to see what is going right more naturally. It creates collaboration in relationships and conflict resolution that isn’t about sacrifice but about support and understanding. ~ Cytel

How taking the course or being coached support our marriages and supports us to be better and more present mothers. ~ Jen

This course is first going to teach you about yourself. It will support you to know what you want and than to know how to ask for those things without the fear taking over. It will change your life forever. Once you see something it can’t be unseen. Your clients will be able to ask for that raise, get that man, create abundance, safety and support the way that dream of. ~ Kristi

You will learn what drives you to act the way you do. As you are going through the course to being certified you gain this inner strength and clarity that than allows you to support your clients to the same. You will see that your core values such as freedom, authenticity and vision may not be what your client sees as their core values but you will have a clear model to use to support them to identify their unique core values that are driving their lives or that they can start understanding to create from a place of abundance and joy. ~ Lane

Being a mother isn’t just about sacrificing what we want. We are actually meant to get clear on what we want because 99% of what we want is supportive to those around us. We want good things. Are you a mother that thinks you have to give up who you are to give your all to your family? When a mother gets crystal clear on what her heart wants she will be giving from a cup that is full and over flowing. Children see this and will understand that they too get to create the life they want and are able to be more empowered people on this planet. Being responsible. Having jobs they care about. Having healthy and stable relationships. When a mother shows up for her self in love the family will understand what love is.  ~ Michelle

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