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In Our Organization, We Believe in and Live By ACT:




Trust is the first step in heart centered leadership. In order to build a firm foundation of these three values we must start with trust.  The Gibson Banning Method, we found, builds a sure foundation of internal trust.  It is personal heart leadership that then supports decisions based off core values not fears and limited beliefs.

Quickening Coaching Uses the Gibson Banning Method

This structured approach will help you personally move through what stops you and gives you a way to create immediate and lasting change in your life and the lives of your clients.

The Gibson Banning method is an already done for you template – a step-by-step protocol – that takes you from where you are now to a confident, excited, and passionate coach that knows their life and work is making a huge difference in the world.

And the best part is, this model is so structured you can begin using it to create happy, paying clients right away.

You  Know this Certification Course is for You
if You’re Ready to:

  • Make long lasting changes in your life.
  • A mother or father wanting to bring greater communication skills and understanding into your family – create a more satisfying relationship with your kids and husband.
  • Create a successful, sustainable, enjoyable business.
  • Be a part of the Quickening movement to help strengthen 1 million individuals.
  • Finally learn a method of coaching that smoothly integrates the mind, body, and soul, as well as supports both left and right brain people.
  • Desiring to add more commitment to your current goals.
  • Wanting to be a well rounded coach and getting a “Masters degree” in heart centered leadership.


The results I got from taking the Coaching Certification Training have been profound. I am no longer afraid to have difficult conversations because I have the tools to navigate them in an honoring fashion for all involved. This is so freeing and empowering! I am SO grateful for this change in perspective, and these practical applications.
~ Barbara Dooley

Here are Just a Few of the Distinctions that You’ll Discover and Explore During the 20 Weeks.

The difference between The Gibson Banning method and almost every other program out there is that they teach within the same paradigm of cultural beliefs and programming that’s causing the problems in the first place. Like Einstein said; you can’t change a problem with the same thinking that created it. This is why we use a distinction based learning model that allows people to make choices outside their normal paradigm. Until these new choices are distinguished for us we don’t even know that they exist.

The Gibson Banning Method takes everything that you think you know and turns it inside out.

This course is an 20 week journey through a series of these distinctions, or key differentiation’s laid out in a particular sequence that has been proven to change the paradigm in which we see ourselves, others, and the world.


Allows you to be much more present and understanding. This distinction helps you resolve issues faster.


Promotes clarity and confidence, the ability to get more of what you DO want and increases the likelihood others understand you and assist you more often.

Get the life you want.


Facilitates your ability to be more effective, make decisions more quickly, take actions faster and easily course correct when needed.


Fosters better results with less struggle, so you can joyfully create what you want, opposed to being tortured by what you want.

Accomplish the goals that matter.


Let’s you see the world and the people in it from a whole new perspective. Allows you to feel a greater level of compassion and understanding for others and supports you in experiencing more peace and happiness.

Stop sacrificing yourself and be fulfilled.


Cultivates connection and love. Supports your ability to authentically relate to the people in your life.

How to hear with love.


Helps alleviate resentment, sabotage and poor results in all your interactions.


Encourages you to be internally sourced rather than externally driven. This provides a level of trust and confidence you may have never known. 

Be deeply connected to who you are.


  • 18 video sessions – each a little over an hour.
  • Weekly Q&A calls with Jennifer Lamprey and Kirsti Clark– each call will last an hour and a half depending on your questions. (Valued at $3000)
  • Quickening Coaching Facilitator to support one on one.
  • Partnership coaching practice pairing.
  • Access to a private Facebook group to answer questions and give marketing and further support throughout the course.
  • Ability to create income within the first 10 weeks.
  • Certification in the Gibson Banning Method and the ability to use the title: Certified Quickening Coach.
  • The ability to use the certification logo on your marketing material.
  • The possibility of coaching client referrals, both from your listing in our community and from our own marketing efforts.
  • You will be the official Quickening Coaches for the organization.
  • The opportunity to create Quickening Events.
  • The first years licensing fee.
  • Access to our 3 day Coaching Retreat happening October 11-13th, 2018. (additional cost)


  • A commitment to complete the course in its entirety.
  • Open communication about your commitment to the course throughout.
  • To search for what you don’t know throughout the course.
  • Feedback.
  • All the specific questions you have along the way.
  • An intentional written testimonial!

We will begin our first on line video conference call in September with our first Q&A call and they will continue every Thursday at the same time for the duration of the course. If you are not able to attend they will be recorded.

I have been coaching for many years and saw results but when I started implementing the Gibson Banning method my coaching business soared! I found a new concrete way to help my clients get better results in their businesses and lives by using their method.The program is set up to support you step by step thru the process. This is just the program that I had been looking for!
~ Wendy Whitelaw

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Quickening Coaching Certification
FAQs and Overview

Thank you for your interest in becoming a certified Quickening Coach™ and expanding your business by using the Gibson Banning Method™!

Throughout this document you will notice that we use both the terms Quickening Coach™, and The Gibson Banning Method™ A Quickening coach is certified in modalities and training’s that are focused on the development of leaders. The Gibson Banning Method is one of those modalities. We believe that this training course is the foundation of a new era of heart leader because this course is based on teaching internal focused development. The Quickening Organization has licensed the Gibson Banning Method to help train Quickening Coaches. Once Trained in the GB method you are considered a Quickening Coach.

This document explains our intention behind the program, answers some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and helps you understand what’s in the Quickening Coaching Certification Agreement in simple terms (All that legal stuff).

Q1: What is the Quickening Coaching™ certification?

The Quickening Coaching™ certification enables leaders, coaches, therapist’s, educators, and other professionals who coach or council people or want to coach or council people to use The Gibson Banning Method™ and it’s curriculum in their own business.

Q2: Who can become an Quickening Coach™?

You can become an Quickening Coach™ if you:

● Have a passion for empowering people.
● Have experience working in the life coaching, counseling, or education area; or have a passion for contributing to others.
● Are a mother who is ready to utilize her passions and gifts to create a successful part-time or full-time business from home.
● The purpose of this certification is to authorize you to use our curriculum in your business. It does not certify you as a counselor or give you accreditation through the International Federation of Coaches (IFC.)

If you have a question about whether or not your experience qualifies you for this certification program, email us at Support@quickeningcoaching.com and a member of our team will contact you.

Q3: How can I use the level I certification?

The level I certification enables you to:
● Deliver your own coaching/consulting/advising services to your clients in one-on-one environments.
– This gives you the ability to enroll clients into your practice immediately after you pass the certification test.

● State that you use The Gibson Banning Method™ in your practice.
– This gives you instant credibility because you will be working with a flexible system that producers predictable and long-lasting transformation that coaches and businesses are using right now to empower their clients.

● State that you are a certified “Quickening Coach™”, display your certification certificate, and use the Quickening Coach™ logo in your marketing.
– Having a certification helps clients feel confident that you can deliver what you promise.

● Download and duplicate the approved materials located on the Quickening Coaching™ membership site for direct use with your client(s).
– Having an online resources center helps you access the material you need quickly and easily, from anywhere in the world.

● Use the bonus tips, articles and lead magnets you receive as part of your certification for nurture campaigns to your own list.
– Having a collection of bonus tips, articles and lead magnets saves you many multiple hours of writing. They also give you valuable information that you can share with your community to help them better understand the new services you will be providing with your Quickening Coach™ Certification.

● Use the Coaching Package Template and Spot Coaching suggestions to create your own unique and individualized service offerings for your clients.
– Coaching Package Templates and Spot Coaching suggestions help you market your services in a way that people understand and buy.

● Be listed on the Quickening Coaching Academy™ website as a certified Quickening Coach™.
– If individuals or businesses are looking for a coach in your area, they can find you and contact you via our website.

● Become a member of, and participate in, the Quickening Coaching™ online community.
– Being part of a community helps you share best practices, collaborate with other like-minded professionals, and get your questions answered.

● Join our Affiliate Program and earn a commission on sales from people you have referred to us.
– The affiliate program can help you create passive income as your business grows! As an Quickening Coach™ affiliate, you will receive a higher commission than our standard affiliates.

Q4: How many levels are there and what are the differences?

We have intentionally broken this certification into​ two levels​ so that you can get started coaching right away. Level one lets you quickly learn the curriculum and jump right into coaching your clients one-on-one with a detailed set of coaching notes. This helps you to feel confident delivering the material immediately.

Level I​ training will take you 20 week to work through the material. With Level II​ the program is personalized and has much more coaching from Beth Banning and Jennifer
Lamprey and takes an additional six-months to complete.

Level I Certification

You get:

Enrollment in the level I certification program

20 Weekly zoom calls which include:

  • Q&A
  • Practice Coaching
  • Partner Support
  • Mini Masterminds
  • Coaching Critique
  • And more

● 18 online video teaching sessions – each a little over an hour.
● In-depth feedback on your certification test
● A membership in the Quickening Coaching FB group

You get:

● Everything in level I plus…
● One-on-one help designing your own curriculum for group coaching based on your niche market.
● Weekly zoom calls with Beth Banning and Jennifer Lamprey

which includes:

  • Q&A
  • Practice Coaching
  • role-play
  • in depth personal critique of your coaching skills

Weekly marketing mastermind zoom calls which includes:

  • Defining your niche
  • How to market to your niche
  • Personal Heart-Seats
  • Partnership, accountability, and support
  • And much more

Once Certified in Level I You Get:

● To coach clients one-on-one using the Gibson Banning Method.
● The ability to use the title: Certified Quickening Coach.
● The ability to use the certification logo on your marketing material.
● The possibility of coaching client referrals, both from your listing on our website and from our own marketing
● The first year’s 1-on-1 coaching licensing fee.
● A membership in the Quickening Coaching FB group

Level II Certification

You get:

Enrollment in the level II certification program

Everything in level I plus…

● One-on-one help designing your own curriculum for group coaching based on your niche market.
● Weekly zoom calls with Beth Banning and Jennifer Lamprey

which includes:

  • Q&A
  • Practice Coaching
  • role-play
  • in depth personal critique of your coaching skills

Weekly marketing mastermind zoom calls which includes:

  • Defining your niche
  • How to market to your niche
  • Personal Heart-Seats
  • Partnership, accountability, and support
  • And much more

Once Certified in Level II You Get:

Everything in level I plus…
● The ability to do group coaching using the Gibson Banning Method.
● Level II access to course materials
● The first year’s group coaching licensing fee.
● The possibility of group coaching referrals.

Q5: What CAN’T I use the certification for?

The certification does not allow you to:

1. Market yourself as the “Quickening Coaching Academy” or represent yourself as an agent of our company (i.e. you will be operating your own company under your own brand).

2. Make duplicate copies of our copyrighted material to give to or sell to others.  The only materials that may be duplicated are located in the Quickening Coaching™ membership site (you can see a list of duplicate-able materials in Appendix A below).

  • This protects both our intellectual property and the value of your certification.
  • If one of your customers wants to become a certified Quickening coach, they can apply and purchase on our website. (this is why it’s a great idea to be a member of our affiliate program). See Question 14.

3. Include our materials in any of your recorded or published materials without separate written consent from our Corporation – Focused Attention Inc.™. This includes NOT incorporating our work into information products (i.e. recorded workshops, training programs, tip sheets, etc.) that you create for resale or to give away. Again, this protects our intellectual property and the value of your certification.

4. Publish Quickening Coaching™ content on article directories or media channel such as social media, newspapers, magazines, ezinearticles.com, etc. (The reason for this is because if all Quickening Coaches submitted the same article to a distribution site such as ezinearticles.com, we would violate their policies and would dilute the Quickening Coach™ brand). Feel free to use the bonus tips, articles and lead magnets with your own list (people who have opted in to receive information directly from you) but not for mass distribution. If you have a fabulous media opportunity and think some of our content can help you get exposure, contact us and we can put together a strategy to help you be successful.

5. Resell Quickening Coaching™ materials directly. Materials may only be sold through our website. Contact us to earn a commission on your referrals!

6. Create a certification program using any of our materials or train others to use our materials (i.e. train-the-trainer programs or certification programs). If you own a facility and would like your employees to be able to use the Gibson Banning Method curriculum with your clients, please contact us directly at Support@quickeningcoaching.com to discuss the possibilities. We are opened to collaborations “joint venture” ideas, but these are all handled on a case-by-case basis.

Q6: How do I apply?

We accept Quickening Coaches into our program through a Clarity Session process. A Clarity Session is a phone conversation with a member of our Quickening Coaching Academy™ team. This conversation gives us both a chance to get to know each other and make sure this is the right certification for you.

If we both determined this program is a good fit for you, then you will be offered the opportunity to become a certified Quickening Coach™.  To find out whether this program is a good fit for you and your business, you can apply for a Clarity Session by clicking here.

Q7: How long does it take to become certified?

That is the best part – it is totally up to you! ​Once payment is complete and our agreement is signed, you will receive access to the Quickening Coaching membership site. There is no need for airplane flights and hotel rooms to purchase. Everything is available online so you can get started with your group from the comfort of your home or office.

It’s a 20-week commitment with approximately 3 to 5 hours of coursework a week – including online training, weekly calls and homework. If you don’t finish the course work with in the 20 weeks there are options for completing that will be convenient for you.

You will be officially certified after you have completed the Quickening Coaching™ Certification Training, completed all the quizzes and passed the Quickening Coaching™ Certification Test with a minimum score of 75%.

Q8: What type of training is provided?

The purpose of the training is to help you be successful with the curriculum and to help you jump-start your business. The training is broken into the pre-work and 18 easy to digest online video session’s, each a little over an hour long.

Q9: What do I receive once I am certified?

Once you are officially certified, you will receive:

● Your Quickening Coach™ certification logo.
● Your Quickening Coach™ certificate to display in your office.
● The ability to coach clients one-on-one using the Gibson Banning Method.
● The first years licensing fee. (minimum $495 value.)
● Suggestions for creating coaching packages.
● Package of bonus Quickening Coaching™ tips, articles and lead magnets.
● Marketing clarity and support materials.
● Link to the coaching resource center with the downloadable materials1
● Listing on our Website as a Certified Quickening Coach™
● The possibility of coaching client referrals, both from your listing on our website and from our own marketing efforts
● “Quickening Coach™ status” in our affiliate program which will give you higher affiliate commissions than our standard affiliate program (participation is optional).
● Training and Q&A Sessions with Quickening Coaching Academy
● Access to the online community for Quickening Coaches in the Quickening Coaching Community – which includes; an interactive community, inspiration, accountability, marketing, and sales support, and much, much more.

Q10: How do I become a successful coach & how do you support me?

When you are successful, we are successful! Of course, in the end it’s really up to you… the level of your commitment and the work you’re willing to do, but we help you in every way we can.

Here are six recommendations and some information about the support we provide to help you jump-start your coaching practice:

1. Create a Client Nurture Program
A client nurture program allows you to stay in contact with your current and perspective clients by systematically providing valuable tips and other useful information to them.

Once you’re certified, we support you with your nurture program by providing you with a package of 7 tips, 5 articles and 2 lead magnets that you can use on your blog, newsletter or to create series that can become another lead magnet. These will help you establish your expertise and let your current clients warm up to your new services.

2. Offer “Coaching Packages”
A coaching package is a set of sessions or distinctions grouped together to help improve in certain subject areas such as, personal heath, developing self-confidence, building resilience, parenting, achieving goals, self-esteem, business development etc. Coaching packages allow your client to realize what you have to offer is what they need.

To support you with this, we make suggestions for coaching packages that you can market and sell to your community! We also give you a spot coaching document that you can use to customize these packages to fit your work style and to help you create your own coaching packages as well.

For example: we have a coach that does envisioning in her practice and has now been certified as a Quickening Coach. She has created a training offering a 4-week coaching engagement focused on divorce. She chose 4 of the exercises from the course material as well as doing her vision technique at the beginning of every session to amplify and connect her client to the course work taught.

3.  Promote your certification
Adding the Gibson Banning Method to your coaching services will help you expand your business and differentiate you from the other life coaches in your area.

To support you with this, you will receive an Quickening Coach™ Logo that you can use on your website and in your marketing materials! In addition, you will be listed on our website as a certified Quickening Coach™. If someone is looking for a Coach™ in your area, they will find you!

4. Participate in our Affiliate Program
Looking to generate additional revenue? If you refer other coaches to us and they make a purchase on our website or enroll in the Quickening Coach™  Certification program, you will earn a “thank you” bonus from us.

As an Quickening Coach™ you will earn a higher “thank you” percentage than our standard affiliates.

5. Network with other coaches!
Sometimes coaches can be a bit isolated. Networking with other like-minded professionals can help you take your business to the next level.

As an Quickening Coach™ you will have access to our private Facebook community of Quickening Coaches to bounce ideas off of, to share best practices with,  and to collaborate with on projects. It’s a great way to get new ideas for growing your business!

6. Participate in ongoing training and Q&A Sessions
We want you to be successful, so to support you in your business, we provide ongoing training, and Q&A sessions in areas of the curriculum, business growth, and other topics relevant to coaching. All training’s are virtual and there is no travel required. This saves you of time and money.

Q11: How long is my certification good for?

Your initial investment includes one-year of the annual licensing fee. Your next licensing fee will come do 17 months after the anniversary of your enrollment. This gives you five months to complete the certification, and one year of licensing. So as long as you continue to pay your licensing fee, your certification continues to be in good standing.

Q12: How much does the certification cost?

There are several different investment levels depending on which package you choose. Pricing will be discussed during your clarity session.

Q13: How can I use the Gibson Banning Method™ with my clients?

You can use the curriculum and exercises as part of your in-person (or via telephone/Zoom/Skype) coaching. You can provide services one-on-one with your clients.

When using any of the material that is part of the curriculum, you must state the source of the materials as being from the Gibson Banning Method™ each time you use them. This is true unless your facilitating your client through the entire curriculum, then stating the source once at the beginning is sufficient.

Once you’re certified you will be given access to the Quickening Coaching™ Resource Center that will contain all the materials you can duplicate for your clients, as well as your coaching manual that includes detailed coaching notes. You can see a list of the documents you can duplicate in Appendix A, below.

You may not incorporate any of our materials into recorded information programs that you give away or sell.

Q14: Can I make copies of the materials?

All Quickening Coaching™ materials are copyrighted by Focused Attention Inc and must maintain our copyright and branding information at all times.

As part of your certification, you will receive materials that can and cannot be copied.

To make it as easy as possible for you, we have posted all of the materials that you can make physical copies of, such as participant workbooks and exercise sheets, on the Quickening Coach™ membership site and also in your initial contract. You can also see a list of these materials in Appendix A. (Below)

If you ever have questions about this, contact us at Support@quickeningcoaching.com

Q15: How does the co-branding work?

The marketing materials that you can co-branded will have a place in the header and footer for you to add your own logo and contact information. Co-branded materials let your clients know you are officially part of the Quickening ™ coaching family.

Q16: How can I use the Quickening Coaching™ bonus content in my business?

You may use the Quickening Coaching™ bonus content in your own direct communication to your list. This includes using them in your blog and/or your newsletters, website.

You MAY NOT publish them in other media outlets such as Facebook posts, magazines, newspapers, ezinearticles.com, or other online or offline article directories.
As discussed in Question 4, if we have fifty Quickening Coaches submitting the same article through ezinearticles.com it will violate their policies and dilute the value of the Quickening Coaching™ brand.

All articles, tips and lead magnets must be reproduced in their entirety, unedited, and accompanied by the original copyright information or the following reprint statement: “Copyright © 201_ Focused Attention Inc – QuickeningCoaching.com All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from Beth Banning.

You may add your own “Resource Box”. A Resource Box is a call to action that you include at the end of the article to ask the reader to do something (usually a link to your website). It is also the place where you can say something about yourself and your credentials.

Q17: Why might we need multiple certifications?

If you have a company that has more than one person wanting to do coaching, each person will need to complete the certification requirements and earn his or her own Quickening Coaching™ certification. If your company is paying for the certification you may choose to either have your company listed on our website as having certified Quickening Coaches on staff, or you can choose to have each individual employee listed on our website as a certified Quickening Coach. We do have special investment packages based on the number of people you want to get certified. This can be discussed during your clarity call.

Q18: What is your refund policy?

Our commitment is to change people’s businesses and lives. In order to do this, we have chosen not to give refunds. We believe that giving refunds leaves you hesitant and less than 100% committed to this process. We understand sometimes things change and on occasion what we think we want, isn’t what we want, once we get it. We honor and respect these situations. We also recognize that commitments made from a sturdy foundation and intentional choice more often creates massive positive change. We want those who decide to do this certification to know that it is the right decision for them. We want all participants in each group to know that they can depend on one another throughout their entire journey. Therefore, we offer no refunds once an agreement has

been signed.

Thank you again for your interest in the Quickening Coaching™ Certification Program.

If you are ready to get started, you can sign up for a clarity call by clicking here.

If you have questions, please bring them to your clarity call. If your question is urgent or needs to be answered prior to applying for a call, contact us at  Support@quickeningcoaching.com.

Appendix A

These documents MAY BE duplicated by you and given to your clients but must maintain all The Gibson Banning Method™, Quickening Coaching and Focused Attention copyright and branding information.

More resources may be added to this document in the future including sample PowerPoint Presentations, etc.

Duplicatable documents include, but are not limited to:

Participant Workbook includes:

● Pre-work, and Session 1 through 19 – Handouts, Discussions and Exercises

  • Agreements and Outcomes Sheet
  • Core Value List
  • Habitual vs Value – Choice Diagram
  • Freedom Channels Info Graphic
  • The Visioning Process Handout
  • The Possibility of Being Examples List
  • Resistance to Change Exercise
  • Limiting Focus Circle Diagram
  • Short List of Limiting Focuses
  • Creating a Value Based Intention Exercise
  • Perfect World Exercise
  • Emotional Guidance List
  • Non-Feeling Words List
  • Expanded Feelings and Non-Feelings Words List
  • Choose Your Lens Exercise
  • Inner Clarity Handout
  • Empathy Guessing Exercise (Find in Session Exercise)
  • Creative vs Competitive Ways of Being Handout
  • Non-Empathy Handout
  • Evaluating Your Success with Your Outcomes
  • What Prevents Empathy Discussion
  • How to Make Doable Requests Exercise
  • Expressing and Receiving Infinity Diagram
  • Creating and maintaining connection do over exercise
  • Creating and Maintaining Connection Distinction Cheat Sheet

Collateral Material for Spot Coaching:

● Connection Do Over Worksheet
● Creative-vs-Competitive-Ways-of-Being-Handout
● Evaluating Your Success with Your Outcomes
● Feelings List
● Feelings Negative and Values List
● Feelings Positive and Values List
● Inner Clarity Worksheet
● Intention Worksheet
● Limiting Focus Exercise
● Limiting Focus List
● Non-Empathy-Handout
● Non-Feelings-Word-List
● Ongoing-Coaching–Weekly-Commitment-Sheet
● Possibility Exercise – 4 Participation
● Possibility Exercise – 4 Motivation
● Self-Empathy Worksheet
● Strategy Finder Worksheet
● Testimonial Worksheet
● The Freedom Channels Diagram
● Things Only Mean What I Make Them Mean Exercise
● Trusted Source Process
● Underlying Values Worksheet
● Values Exercise
● Values List
● Visioning Process

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